The High School and Beyond Plan, a graduation requirement, helps students get the most out of high school and think about their future. Students work with school counselors and advisors to create their own individual plan, the 鈥減ersonal pathway鈥, throughout high school and revise their plan annually to accommodate changing interests or postsecondary goals on what they expect to do the year following graduation from high school.

The High School and Beyond Plan is divided into three modules 鈥 Career Planner, Four Year Plans, and Future Ready Skills. Students work on different activities at different grade levels, and by the time they graduate they will have created a comprehensive academic portfolio. Starting this year, we are using Xello as our High School and Beyond Plan platform.

Additional Information and Resources:


– Ready Washington

– Career Bridge



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Career & College Readiness Coordinators

If you have questions or need assistance with your plan, please contact the High School and Beyond Plan Coordinator at your high school.

新澳门六合彩 High School
Mark Jacques
360-676-6470 ext. 7110

Options High School
Lauren Kackley
360-676-6470 ext. 5113

Sehome High School
Martha Zender
360-676-6470 ext. 5259

Squalicum High School
Emily Gardisky
360-676-6471 ext. 7708