The Department of Teaching and Learning is responsible for the administration of education under the applicable laws and district’s policies. It is our aim to develop students who are critical thinkers and problem-solvers, effective communicators, leaders, collaborators, team players, respectful and compassionate humans. Our schools accomplish this by providing high quality instruction in every classroom, every day. In addition to the areas outlined below, Teaching and Learning manages visual and performing arts, physical education, middle school athletics, home school and the summer school program.

The deputy superintendent and the assistant superintendents of Teaching and Learning supervise administrators of these offices and programs, as well as principals. Their role is to provide assistance to the superintendent and provide leadership and support to administrators and principals to help students achieve high levels of success.

Dr. Mike Copland
Deputy Superintendent

Polly Johnson
Executive Administrative Assistant

Dr. Jay Jordan
Assistant Superintendent

Lorrie Melton
Executive Administrative Assistant